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 About us....

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PostSubject: About us....   Sat May 06, 2006 4:19 pm

AmoreDivineSempre started with a group of five women who met through the forums of their favorite classical / popera music groups. Music truly is a magical thing that inspires us, consoles us and enables us to dream – it is a universal experience. Therefore, it stood to reason that those of us with similar tastes in music would have far more in common that we ever dreamed regardless of age or location. After attending a few concerts together and sharing these lifetime experiences it made sense that we would wish to continue our new friendships and if possible expand on them.

Who we are:
As mentioned above, the five founding members vary greatly in age and occupation and yet are bound by their love of music. Here’s a quick introduction –

Lynn – The brain behind the concept, she not only designed the website but all of our stationery and graphics. Her mind works in mysterious ways and constantly works and re-works ideas trying to come up with new and better things. At 26 years old, when not playing on the site, she is an Executive Assistant at the first Liberal Arts Catholic College in Sydney. She has the classical piano grades and is working on her Diploma of Classical Singing. Lynn also enjoys belly dancing, shooting and all aspects of music. You can contact Lynn at

Belle – Like Lynn, she is currently working on gaining her Diploma of Classical Singing. Having completed the grades for classical piano, she teaches part time when not studying naturopathy (natural medicine). She is currently also working on the musicianship grades and the Certificate of Teaching for music. At 21, she knows no life without than music and has no intention of finding out what such a dull world would be like. When not studying she enjoys spending quality time with her Alaskan Malamute named Anastasia. You can contact Belle at

Rania – One of our founding members and a true lady with an irrepressible smile, Rania is a floral and interior designer of immense talent. She has also recently taken up studying events management. A happily married mother of two, she too shares Belle’s passion for natural therapies and alternative methods of healing. If you receive beautiful flowers from the AmoreDivineSempre girls at a concert, more than likely they are the result of Rania’s hard work and dedication. Rania's youthful spirit and joie di vivre means that she will never grow up!

Debbie – An accomplished classical singer in her youth as well as being a nurse, Debbie now works with special needs children. A mother of two girls she is immensely dedicated to them in all aspects. Well versed in traveling long distances, music has made the long trips easier to bear and seem faster. Her passion for music has rubbed off on her youngest daughter who is now well on her way to being a singer.

Adelle – Our youngest member, she is currently enrolled at a Performing Arts School and has enjoyed many successes already as an actress / puppet master and singer. Having auditioned to perform at Disneyland in the USA, Adelle was not only accepted but was offered a solo role. There is no doubt that she will fulfill her desire to be like so many of the artists that we admire here on our site, and we will continue to support her.

What we do:
Despite the growing popularity of classical crossover artists, we initially found it very difficult to gain any information regarding the artists that we liked in regards to their public appearances, performances etc. Unless we had somehow already heard about the artist through friends, family or had just come across the artist by luck, there was a good chance that we wouldn’t know about a particular artist. Quite simply – the music we like is not considered mainstream enough to be considered “pop” and is not quite pure classical.

Having also been a member on various forums, we have noticed that the level of fan enthusiasm can sometimes get a little out of control. While we find this completely understandable, we feel that there should be a line drawn between being a fan and being intrusive. We respect the artists that bring us the music that we love and recognize that given the style of music, some things should simply be avoided. These performers are people first and foremost and should be treated with respect and dignity.
With that dilemma in mind, we hoped to create this forum as a way of introducing people who are already fans of this style of music to other artists. Furthermore, we hope to serve as a starting base for new upcoming artists – especially those who are Australian, as we feel it is important to support our own upcoming talent.

For fans, it is a good place to meet up with new people, make new friends and learn a little about the artists who create the music. Miniature biographies and where possible, photos are attached. Please note however, that we do not participate in the spreading of rumours, or illegal copies of music and where possible links to the artist’s official site are put up for visitors. There is no age limit and whilst the site is in English (as we are based in Sydney, Australia), at a later stage we will endeavour to incorporate other languages.

For artists, both established and starting out, we hope this site provides an area to promote your music and simply get to know your fans in a safe environment that does not tolerate rumors or comments that infringe on privacy.

That’s it for now, we hope to see you online…

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About us....
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