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PostSubject: Introduction   Sat May 13, 2006 3:04 pm

Kane Alexander first came to our notice as the outstanding support act on the Australian leg of Il Divo's tour - he was quite simply

The brief bio below is courtesy of Kane Alexander's official website - you can find out more at

Having grown up in country Victoria and graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts in voice and drama, he paid his dues working the jazz clubs of New York. Four years ago, he returned to Australia with a clear vision and burning ambition to record his first album. The concept for Kane Alexander (the album) emerged from Kane's passion for pop, opera and the sweeping orchestration of the most memorable movie themes. "I wanted to make an album that moved people, with songs that told a story. I wanted to take the listener on a journey. But I wanted a cinematic sound. I wanted the orchestra to be scored the way a film score would be scored. This had to be an album that I wanted to listen to myself." Kane was elated that SONY BMG was quick to understand his vision and allowed him the luxury of spending the next three years capturing it. The time was used to get the right producer, the right songs and even the right orchestra "because it was always going to be a symphonic record." Kane recorded his debut album in Stockholm and London, working with renowned producers and songwriters such as Andes Bagge, Quiz & Larossi, Tom Nichols and Tim Baxter as well as members of the Stockholm Symphony Orchestra (who appear on every track). The results are as exciting as they are enchanting - a beautiful mix of musical colours that range from the powerfully melodic Come Vivrei- an Italian version of Trisha Yearwood's Grammy Award winning How Do I Live, to Seal's poetic Kiss From a Rose, the delicate pop of Everything I Am, Kane's dramatic co-written opener Escape and the much loved classical favourite, Nella Fantasia.
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PostSubject: Re: Introduction   Mon Jun 05, 2006 9:03 am

I just wanted to add that Kane made a guest appearance on Blue Heelers, two weeks back,unfortunately I didn't see the whole episode, not sure of the title of it, but I am sure his character's name was Mr Armstrong. I saw him appear in two scenes, stupid me had been watching the AFL footy ( I love my footy,but I had forgotten that Heelers was on and well I forgot to change channels). Anyway when I turned over, there would not have been more than twenty minutes to go. First scene I saw him in was at the cop station, think Jonesy was interviewing him, I didn't realise it was him at first ( I know he has appeared in other tv shows before, those being Water Rats, Stingers and Neighbours), the other scene was near to the end, when one of the cops came out to his farm to inform him that his wife had died. So I really am none the wiser about whether he was the victim or the perpetrator of whatever crime had happened in Mt Thomas that evening.

Speaking of which, not that I imagine that they will do it, ( well not like they do for Desperate Housewive's or Prison Break), but they should run "encore screenings" of the final few Heelers shows. I think it was ludicrous that they shoved the show onto Saturday nights, where it got forgotten ( see I forgot it and I am a regular watcher, who is now very saddened by it's demise from our screens). I demand an encore screening, even if only to see Kane acting again.
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PostSubject: Re: Introduction   Mon Jun 05, 2006 9:13 am

Can I also add that Kane has been in various musicals over the years, such as Wizard of Oz, Footloose. He was also in one called "Urinetown" ( not a very good title, I agree), but apparently it is coming back on to the stage again, but this time round it has the same cast, except for Kane. According to Lisa Mc Cune ( who was his co-star in this and she was on the David and Kim show last week), David Campbell is taking over what was previously Kane's role in this musical. Oh and when she was saying this, they featured a little clip of Kane singing something from that musical.

Their is a soundtrack available for that production, unfortunately it is not an Australian one, so no Kane for you there.

I think he was also in one called "Anything Goes" and he was also in the Sydney season of Les Miserables.

I am just wondering if Kane knows a guy I know, who was in the Melbourne season of Wizard of Oz- this guy was in the ensemble cast ( he is also a dancer and singer, this guy lives in my street, but down the other end of my street,but the last time I saw him (which was ages ago), he said he was planning to try his luck out in England), now I have no idea in the world really, if Kane did the Melbourne season as well as the Sydney one, or whether the guy I know performed in both seasons, of that I am really not too sure.

However I am pretty sure that you can find Kane singing on the Australian cast version of "Wizard of Oz". I knew about Kane then,but I didn't fancy seeing Nikki Webster as Dorothy and I also didn't know that the guy I knew was in the ensemble cast of the Melbourne season of it. Kane played the role of the Scarecrow in that.

I would have gone to see Footloose, but that was on here in Melbourne at the very same time I was going overseas and when I returned it was no longer on, it was a fairly short season here in Melbourne.
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PostSubject: Re: Introduction   Mon Jun 05, 2006 9:22 am

Kane first came to my attention on the Carols By Candlelight here in Melbourne in 2003, he did a stunning performance of "The Prayer" with Sylvie Palladino ( another very versatile performer of musical theatre and cabaret). I already knew who Sylvie was, but had not seen Kane before this and I was wondering who the young man with the stunning voice was. So as you can imagine if I am impressed or stunned by someone's performance, I am hanging out for names, if they have done recordings etc. He has also performed on the Carols in The Domain from Sydney on a few occasions now.

I also remember Ray Martin saying how he was going to soon be releasing a debut album- the debut album that has just come out recently, so I have been waiting so long for this album to come out now and I am not one little bit disappointed, I am so glad that he was able to get a recording contract, the album is sensational, so many highlights to pick from.

So while many of the Aussie Divas had no idea of who Kane was, I was rubbing my hands together with glee ( although initially being disappointed that Hayley wasn't coming down here and wondering who was going to support them here), I had no real idea that Kane's album was still in the works, until I saw him performing before Il Divo ( my first time of seeing him live and hearing more than two songs being performed).

here is another link and if you click on the purple buttons to page 6, you will find a pic of Kane with Anthony Callea, Shannon Noll and i am not sure of whom the other man is in the pic.
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PostSubject: Re: Introduction   Tue Jun 06, 2006 8:47 am

Here you go ladies,

This is the article I found in the Sunday Herald Sun on March 12.


A Classic Outcome for Kane

Early Ambitions are fulfilled as this young singer is poised for stardom reports Paul Stewart.

A country boy from Victoria's back blocks finds an old case of opera records that inspire him to become a singer.

He follows his dreams and becomes the youngest ever vocal student at the Victorian College of the Arts, before trying his luck in several small New York jazz clubs, eventually landing an international album deal with a major record company.

The singer's first album is assembled by the team of producers behind albums by Madonna, Jessica Simpson, J.Lo and Enrique Iglesias.

After three years of grooming by Sony BMG , meet Australia's latest heart-throb, Kane Alexander.

Touring Australia accompanying international opera crossover act Il Divo, the young singer reflected on his home town, the Victorian hamlet of Nandaly (near Swan Hill).

"It was an isolated place really," Alexander said. "My life changed the day I found grandma and grandpa's old 78 records in a dusty old box in the shed. It had music by Slim Dusty and Ella Fitzgerald and the Black and White Minstrels, but it was the album by Mario Lanza, that just blew my mind.

"I was instantly hooked and decided then and there I wanted to be in music all my life".

Alexander said that while he still "played footy like any other country kid", he was always eager to race home to practice singing.

"It was Mario Lanza, who took opera into the mainstream, whom I loved, even though my cousins all hated him and could not understand why I would listen to him.

"I still love my football though, and a dream would be to sing at the AFL Grand Final."

The young singer said he had decided to "jump in the deep end" by enrolling at the VCA and becoming a student boarder in Melbourne while continuing his secondary education on top of his musical studies.

"I was 14 when I went down and I think I am still the youngest person to enrol in the VCA" he said.

"After finishing that , I decided to try my luck out in New York and I got several jobs singing in small jazz clubs. I have never actually worked in any other occupation except entertaining. I have tried my hand acting in theatre shows and on television, but music is my first love".

After returning to Australia from the US , Alexander said he had the idea for an act that would take classical music into the mainstream.

"This was years before Il Divo", he said. "I was not blatantly cashing in on their success.
"I went to the Head of Sony records and sung for him and luckily for me-he signed my on the spot".

The young singer, who can perform in Italian, Spanish and English, said it had taken three years to produce his debut album. "It has been hard waiting so long, but we wanted to get it just right." he said.

"Working with the great producers in Sweden was a great experience. They are huge names and proven hit-makers."

Alexander, who desccibes himself as "a classical singer", rather than an "opera singer" expressed thanks to the four members of Il Divo.

"I am very grateful for all the exposure I am getting by playing with them, because I know I am virtually unknown here,"he said. "They are all nice guys"

Alexander said he had one simple wish for his music.

"I really want people to be moved by it", he said. "I want people to be swept up and taken on a journey through my music.

"People once again want music that takes them to a higher, emotive place, that stirs them and moves them."

Spirit song: (this is the bit beneath his pic)Kane Alexander wants to move people with his music.

Well I had seen him performing a couple of years in a row on Carols By Candlelight here in Melbourne, and some other programs- such as Good Friday Appeal concert for the Royal Childrens Hospital, so I was quite familiar with whom he was and how fantastic his voice is also, so I was very delighted to see him as supporting act. I can list some of his musical theatre shows that he has appeared in also, such as "The Wizard of Oz", "Footloose", "Hair","Les Miserable" among others, plus a few tv stints on shows such as "Water Rats", "Stingers".


Kane has also got a yahoo group titled Kane Alexander Mailing list


This ladies, is a review of the musical production of Hair.

I hope this works.


here is some more on him, I am just doing google searches here


this is a Cd he appears on.
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PostSubject: Re: Introduction   Tue Jun 06, 2006 8:52 am

Hey, this morning on David and Kim's show- Lisa McCune was one of the guests on and well she has gone back to her role in the musical (which is titled Urinetown- not a good name I know and she was saying the same thing this morning, herself to David and Kim)- anyway Kane had previously been in that, in one of the leading roles and they showed a very small snippet of him singing a song from the show. No idea in the world what the song was, sorry, as I said it was a really small snippet, blink and you miss, kind of thing. I think it was Kim that said oh Kane Alexander was in that, as they bought up the footage of him singing in it.

However what I was going to say is that David Campbell has taken over the role that Kane played in that particular musical, according to Lisa.

The rest of the original cast appear to be in it, like Lisa, Rhonda Burchmore, oh I forgot who else Lisa said, it is just David that is new to that cast.

This was from June 1st, when Lisa was on David and Kim's show.
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PostSubject: Re: Introduction   Tue Jun 06, 2006 8:57 am

Here is the article as promised from the Who magazine of last Friday.

Singer Kane Alexander, from rural Victoria, boldly blends opera and jazz with a dash of pop.

Smooth Crooner.

Before his album's April 29 release, Kane Alexander was definitely excited and I guess a little bit apprehensive.


He was only six years old, but little Kane Alexander saw the potential in a pile of old records. "I found the box at my grandparents' place and listened to a record and that was my introduction to opera," says Kane, now 27 and single.

Country lad

There was clearly something in the water at the northern Victoria wheat and sheep farm where Kane was raised by parents Julie and Haydn. How else to explain why he and both sisters- Holly, 26, a photographer and Tina, 24, a dancer- ended up in the arts? "We're all the children of farmers. It's all a bit bizarre, "says Kane. "Being country folk, I think my parents were worried that it wouldn't be so secure, but then farming isn't really that secure either."

Moving on

At age 14, Kane moved to Melbourne to study classical music at the Victorian College of Arts before deciding at 20 to move to New York. " I just wanted a dose of inspiration," he says. "Being over in New York really opened me up to different possibilities and styles and jazz."

Making The Break

He's got front, that's for sure. On his return to Australia, after several years abroad, Kane approached Denis Handlin, the head of record label, Sony BMG, with the concept for an album blending opera and jazz with a hint of pop. Despite such a potentially unmarketable mix, the label set up a meeting. " I did a showcase for everyone and they gave me a deal." he says. "It was kind of uncanny the way it happened.

The Hard Yards.

His self titled debut album ( it entered the ARIA charts at number 34), recorded in Europe, took nearly three years to complete and includes a duet with Tina Arena. "I had grown up listening to her songs- she has a fantastic voice," says Kane. "It all just fell in to place and it was a great experience."

Looking Forward.

"I want to keep recording, keep making music that challenges me and that I enjoy," he says.
But there are still a few goals to tick, including a duet with John Farnham. "I grew up listening to his music as well," says Kane. "Maybe one day Farnsey and I could belt out a tune.

By Erin Miller.
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PostSubject: Re: Introduction   Tue Jun 06, 2006 9:06 am

Here is another article on Kane from the Sunday magazine in The Sunday Herald Sun- in the Sunday best section.

On The Verge

At 15, Kane Alexander said goodbye to his family to pursue his passion for music. At 27, it's all starting to pay off.

Few young men have the gumption to up and leave home at the age of 15, much less to puruse their passion for music, but that is precisely what Kane Alexander did. Saying goodbye to his family in country Victoria, the budding performer enrolled in Melbourne's Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) for classical training in voice and drama.

Twelve years later, the 27 year old is lending his pipes to pop,opera and jazz, and recently toured as a special guest with "classical crossover" sensation Il Divo. A major change of direction? Not really says the handsome crooner. " I always knew I wanted to be an entertainer of some kind, whether it was an actor, a jazz singer or an opera singer."
After graduating from VCA, Alexander indulged his passion for performance by moving to New York to study acting. However, he nourished his love of music by singing in jazz clubs. " I still wasn't sure in which direction I wanted to go. But it became clear I needed to focus on one or the other- singing or acting." Returning to Australia two years later, Alexander opted for music but realised his talents would be best served in the popular arena. "It was natural for me to (base myself) around classical sounds because of my background, but I wanted to see how far I could push it into pop territory".

After performing a high-voltage showcase for a major label, he was offered a record deal. It took two years of production to get the sound just right. Keen for an authentically European vibe, Alexander flew to Sweden to record the album, with some help from the Stockholm Symphony Orchestra. "I wanted quality, not quantity." he says. The result? Eleven lush, heartfelt songs, including four in Italian (surely the most romantic language to sing in) and a duet , "Timeless" with pop queen Tina Arena.

Alexander describes his record as "cinematic" and "symphonic". And, like all good musicians, he understands that music is all about mood. "I wanted to make an album that takes the listener on an emotional journey."



Radio 3AW on Saturday morning- early hours of morn, well the announcer Allan Pearsall was playing Kane's album- well I heard both "Crying" and also "Timeless", but I heard that there was an interview with Kane also, but I was not awake to hear it.

Anyway after playing "Crying", lots of ladies rang up to say how wonderful he sounds and Allan was giving him very high praise, as he also had seen him before Il Divo down here in Melbourne, and he was giving the callers who expressed interest in him, a signed copy of his Cd. He signed off from his shift playing "Timeless" the duet with Tina Arena.

The following night, I think I missed the interview again, I was thinking of calling the station to see if they would replay the interview again, but forgot and just went to bed, I awoke again in the small hours of the morning, I think he had been playing another song from the album, and more ladies had called to express interest in him and his amazing voice and they too got signed Cd's sent to them and he was talking (Allan) about what a nice young man, Kane was.

I want to search now and see if the interview is on their site perhaps.


Cannot find interview on 3AW site, but I found this elsewhere.

in this link, just type in his name in the search engine, it brings up a biography on him and also two sound clips, very nice indeed.

yet another link to a feature on Kane.
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